Sue Williamson

Sue Williamson is an experience dog guardian having lived with dogs for much of her life, including poodles, spaniels, labrador and Collie Cross. Sue current lives with three dogs Talis (Cocker Spaniels), Chic and Ritzi (Miniature Poodles) Sue is a dog groomer, specialising in grooming dogs with grooming anxieties, using all of her extensive canine knowledge. Sue's canine related qualification include Salon Diploma in Dog Grooming, ISCP Diploma in Dog Behaviour, Animal Centred Education Advanced Tutor, Tellington TTouch Training Practitioner (P2), Reiki Practitioner(Level 2), Low Stress Handling Silver Certification(C), and IABTC Certificate in Puppy Training. In addition Sue actively seeks additional canine knowledge attending conferences, seminars, webinars and workshops. Sue has also published three books - Taking the Grrr out of the Grooming Salon and Taking The Grrr out of Grooming Your Dog, and Introducing Your Puppy to Grrr-less Grooming, all based on the techniques she using whilst grooming anxious dogs. She has a growing following on her Facebook Page Taking the Grrr out of Grooming Dogs. She also delivers 1 day courses around the United Kingdom delivering her Taking the Grrr out of the Grooming Salon to groomers, guardians and other pet professionals. Sue Online Educational Portal has a wide range of courses to help grooming dogs.